Matthew Berge - London. Flat-to-the-wall Georgian mahogany Stick Barometer. c1810. [6254]


Excellent flat-to-the-wall mahogany Stick Barometer in original condition; the arched top with finely engraved silvered brass register plate, signed by the maker, bearing manually operated vernier and protected by lockable glazed door. The trunk, veneered in strikingly figured Cuban mahogany, concealing original offset-cistern tube which terminates within urn-shaped cistern cover. By dint of his position as Workshop Manager of the business of Jesse Ramsden - one of the finest and most innovative of barometer makers ever - Berge had been effectively responsible for the firm’s output for a considerable time. Hence the seamless continuation of finest quality products after Berge inherited the business in 1800 on Ramsden’s death, until his own death in 1819
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