Richard Ebsworth - London. 19th Century mahogany Stick Barometer. [6149]

£ 1

Attractive, early 19th Century mahogany Stick Barometer in essentially original condition; the arched top over well engraved silvered brass barometer register plate, inscribed with the usual weather notations, bearing rack-and-pinion operated vernier, and signed by the maker. Intriguingly, the plate has also engraved a parallel French [Paris] inches scale. The trunk of well-patinated “fiddle-pattern” mahogany, inset with detachable Fahrenheit and Réaumur mercury thermometer, and with original concealed barometer tube terminating within turned cistern cover. A noted Optical Instrument-maker, Ebsworth worked from a number of addresses in the Fleet St. area from 1819-35. He was at No. 68 Fleet St. from 1819-20.
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Year c 1820