[SOLD] PHNB - Paris. Rare brass-cased 'Typhoon Barometer' c1870 [6248]


Fine and unusual 19th Century brass-cased “Typhoon Barometer” in original condition. The well-engraved silvered brass dial comprising an inner section inscribed with the usual barometer pressure notations, in inches of mercury and millibars, bearing curved Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometer, signed by the retailer, Charles Gaupp of Hong Kong, and bearing the makers’ logo. The outer ring, rotatable by means of the knurled bezel, displaying data on proximity to the typhoon as well as mean sea-level pressure as a function of season, latitude and wind direction/variability. [6.5in. / 16.5cm] The firm of Pertuis, Hulot and Naudet were in many ways pre-eminent in the development and production of the aneroid barometer during the latter decades of the 19th Century. Charles Gaupp were leading makers of high quality jewellery and clocks, based in Hong Kong from 1868-1912.
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