SOLD :- PHNB - Paris. [Retailer: Edward Dent, London] Mid-19th Century Aneroid Barometer. [6193]


Fine and unusual 5inch [13cm] diameter brass cased aneroid barometer in excellent condition. This design, incorporating Edward Dent’s classic knurled bezel, is the earliest style of aneroid barometer. The dial is numbered, uniquely, 3337 and the numerical barometer range runs, surprisingly, from as low as 25 to 31.9 inches. Dent, a renowned maker of quality clocks, secured the UK franchise from the French aneroid barometer patentee Lucien Vidi and sold over 10,000 – each one consecutively numbered - from 1844 until the patent expired in 1860. The prestigious firm of Pertuis, Hulot & Naudet Barometres took over their manufacture from 1850. The design won a Gold Medal at the Great Exhibition in 1851.
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Year c 1850