SOLD :- William Cary - London. 19th Century mahogany Balloonists barometer.


Very rare and impressive 19th Century mahogany “Balloonists” barometer/altimeter in essentially original condition. The brass ring suspension over case, the upper part square in cross-section, with inset,twin long, engraved silvered brass register plates, the numerical scale from 31-21 inches, permitting altitude readings up to 10,000 feet, and the other, bearing weather notations and signed “Cary – London”. [Interestingly, the reverse of the plates is inscribed “Frankham’s, London. 1 Aug 1831”]. The hinged mahogany door is inset with mercury Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometer. The lower section, cylindrical in cross-section, conceals restricted bore barometer tube, which terminates in three-part brass cistern cover. Cary was one of the foremost Mathematical instrument-makers of his day.
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Year 1831