William Gerrard - Liverpool. 19th Century rosewood marine Stick Barometer


Attractive mid-9th Century rosewood marine Stick Barometer: the arched top over well engraved signed ivory register plates with rack-and-pinion operated vernier behind glazed cover. The trunk, veneered in ‘Rio’ rosewood, inset with Fahrenheit and Réaumur mercury thermometer and with original fine-bore concealed barometer tube – incorporating two air-taps - terminating in turned brass cistern cover. Gimbals later. Gerrard was a noted Liverpool chronometer and instrument maker. He was also known to have sold instruments by Jesse Ramsden and Dollond & Co. Gerrard is recorded as working at No. 1a Wapping, Liverpool from 1848 and at 35 South Castle Street from 1859-68.
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Year c 1850